June 2019 Dance Schedule
# DOW Level Club City ST Caller Cuer Theme / Notes
1 Sat M/P Concord Coach Concord NH Darrell Sprague Bob Boudrow 7-9:30PM
1 Sat M/P Great Plain Squares Needham MA Bob Butler Phil Gatchell & Scott Cohen 8-11PM, End of Season Dance
1 Sat M/P The Rebels Nashua NH Ralph Peacock None Time?
8 Sat M Quabbin Valley Squares Ludlow MA Gloria Vivier Barbara Nutting 7PM Early Plus, 7:30-10PM, Hot Dog Roast
16 Sat M/P Hayloft Steppers Sturbridge MA Keith Harter Beverly Boudreau  
21 Fri M Swingles SDC East Longmeadow MA Bruce McCue Gene King  
22 Sat M/P
Bradford Country Squares New London NH Peter Tobin Phil Gatchell 7PM Early Rounds, 7:30-10PM Swing Into Summer, Casual
22 Sat M/P Hayloft Steppers Sturbridge MA Bill Mager Roy Williams  
W-S All 68th National Square Dance Convention Atlanta GA Many Many  
29 Sat M/P Hayloft Steppers Sturbridge MA Walter Bull & Grace Tudan Phil Gatchell  

Dance Time: 8 to 10:30 PM (unless otherwise shown)
Dance Level:
Beg = Beginner, C = Class, M = Mainstream, P = Plus, M/P = Alternating Mainstream and Plus, M+2P = Mainstream with 2 Plus tips, M+xP = Mainstream with some Plus tips, EZMS = Easy Mainstream, A1 = Advanced 1, A2 = Advanced 2, R3-5 = Rounds Phase III thru V, R3/4 = Rounds Phase III & IV, ? = unknown

E-mail additions, and changes/updates to waynegriffin22@hotmail.com

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